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Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center introduced


Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center is one of the first batch of unmanned aircraft pilot training qualified companies, and is at the same time have a fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (including multi-axis) UAV training qualifications training institutions.

As the first certified civil aviation system UAV driving driver training teaching institutions, Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center has its own UAV airframe production system, with a very sound hardware. Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center now has a series of fixed-wing UAVs, rotor UAV dozen series of dozens of models and initial training simulators. When practical training, each coach can be equipped with two model aircraft as a trainer aircraft and UAV, so students have enough opportunities to practice flight operations.

Practical training base in Zhengzhou Blue Flag flying drone aviation pilot training center located in Henan Province Sports Management Center within the aviation airports streets, the streets belong to the secondary airport Eveready airport, the airport is a very broad open space, inside covered with grass, a two kilometers long, 40 meters wide runway is very conspicuous. The entire airport, covering about 1780 acres. And the streets of airport infrastructure is good, the streets airport infrastructure navigation, radio facilities, two 1,200 square meters of hangar, two light hangar, 100 tons of oil a library. Flight training is a great venue.

Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center has a complete faculty team of pilots and flight instructors have extensive experience and training experience. And with more than the first batch of qualified civilian UAV instructor trainer, in addition to these aviation UAV pilot training center in Zhengzhou resident faculty Blue Flag, I Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center also invited the Association AOPA experts and relevant staff on-site instruction and guidance. Zhengzhou Blue Flag Aviation UAV pilot training center is also working with aviation Sports Management Center of Henan Province, to conduct a joint pilot training. Sports Management Center of Henan Airlines (formerly Air Sports School in Henan Province), Henan Province Sports Bureau secondary units, specifically responsible for: selection, training, organization of elite athletes on behalf of the province, our participation in international and domestic sports; organize and guide the whole aviation model province, skydiving professional training programs, contests and amateur training game. Since its establishment, the air traffic control center for the province of aviation sports training a large number of outstanding athletes, coaches, technical backbone and professional management staff in major international competitions There have been 64 people in the championship, 50 people received the runner-up, 31 people received the runner-up, three of them broke the world record, a person over the world record, breaking the Asian record of 4 people; 699 people won the national championship, in which 41 people broke the national record, has repeatedly been the provincial government orders awards, the great merit or record merits recognition.

Training centers use teaching model theory and practice of combining theoretical knowledge include: the use of radio, navigation, flight control, power, link, principles of flight and flight performance, meteorology, UAV pilot's flight manual, general emergency operation knowledge of procedures and airspace. Practical actions include: flight simulation, aircraft disassembly, maintenance, repair and maintenance, ground station setup and pre-flight preparation, takeoff and landing, and with fly solo, manipulating and directing emergency situations.

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